Tagging Contest// Win a free Vandal Enemy 5.0m²

We at Vandal headquarters have hatched a sinister plot. The object of the game is to pour some gas on the Vandal movement. We thought we’d start out with a little spray contest. Download the attachment, spray a v-tube somewhere ridiculous, and submit a quick pic to us. We’ll post the best right here. Not enough incentive for ya? How about we throw in a free 5.0 Enemy to the winner? That ought to get you out from behind your xbox 360. Download the file, print it, and chop the v-tube out with a razor. By then, you’ll be ready to grab a spray can and hit the streets.

Rules: Snap a pic of your v-tube tag and submit it to v-mania@vandalsails.com along with your contact details. We reserve the right to choose the winner by any criteria we choose. Last chance to submit a photo is August 1st, 2009.

Disclaimer: We aren’t responsible for your actions in any way. Don’t be stupid. Respect private property. Abide by the laws of your country. Don’t spray on things that belong to mother nature (cliffs, rocks, trees, etc.). Drink your milk.

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