Profile - Bio - Valentin Böckler

My dad provided me into windsurfing 1997. We moved to northern Germany when I was six years old. This was my start into windsurfing. We were pushing my skills every single weekend on the beautiful island Fehmarn in the Baltic Sea. 

2005 I saw André Paskowski, Normen Günzlein, Klaas Voget, Flo Jung and other professional Freestyle Windsurfers at the Surffestival Fehmarn. I wanted to do the same on the water like these guys. 

To my birthday I got my first Freestyleboard, one year later I have compete my first competition "Pro Kids Freestyle Trophy" on Fehmarn.

I took part at the "Young Gun Camp" in Prasonisi, a special Windsurfing-Camp for ambitious young talented Windsurfers. There I learned a lot and started to train more in Freestyle. A year later I got my first Sponsoring-Deals.

2010 I compete the whole EFPKT (European Freestyle Pro Kids Tour) and became U20 European Champion and also awarded for "Windsurfing Talent of the year" by the boot trade fair in Düsseldorf. I also started to organize the "German Freestyle Battles", it's the official German Freestyle Windsurfing Tour and I try to increase the windsurfing sport as it best.

2013 I became Gun Sails international teamrider and started my first PWA Worldtour Debut. Became 26th in the overall Worldranking and got more into the R&D (Research&Development) of Gun Sails.

Since then I took part at every Gun Sails photoshooting and filmed&edited the whole sailrange videoclips.

I injured my foot during a trainingstrip to Egypt in 2015. I had to break for one year and concentrated more into my business life and got selfe-employed in Media, Marketing, PR, Sport consulting and filmmaking. Along the way I developed a brand new Freestyle Windsurfing sail with Renato Morlotti & Gun Sails for the season 2017 - YEAH ! It became the lightest sail ever in the Gun Sails history.

Back on the water in May 2016, I finished the national season with an Vice-German Champion title. 


Valentin Böckler

born: 14th may 1992 in Esslingen

residence: near hamburg, germany

profession: windsurfer, media/marketing/PR/sport agent, filmmaker

windsurfing since: 1997

discipline: freestyle, slalom

sailnumber: G-315

best worldranking: 26th overall in 2014

best germanranking: 2nd overall 2016

training grounds: german north- and baltic sea



Sponsoo profile


- 4th German Championships Freestyle

- 5th GFB Suhrendorf/Rügen

- 1st Winch Worldchampionships Kiel

- 29th DWC Grömitz - Slalom

- 5th Packeis Kiel Towin session Fehmarn

- 11th Racer of the Lake Steinhuder Meer


- 2nd overall German Freestyle ranking

- 1st German Freestyle Battle Orth

- 3rd German Freestyle Battle Rügen

- Top5 VisitNorway videoaward

- 3rd German Freestyle Battle Fehmarn

- 1st Mercedes-Benz Towin Night Session

- Top3 abalone videoaward


- 3rd German Freestyle Battle Lemkenhafen

(injured, foot fracture/one year break)


- 19th EFPT Overall-European Ranking 2014

- 26th PWA Overall-Worldcup Ranking 2014

- 33th PWA Sylt

- 25th PWA Fuerteventura

- 26th PWA Bonaire

- 7th German Freestyle Battle 2.0 Pelzerhaken

- 4th German Freestyle Battle 1.0 Lemkenhafen

- 13th European TowIn Championships

- 17th EFPT Podersdorf


- 33th PWA Holland

- 4th German Freestyle Battle 2.0 Laboe
- 3rd German Freestyle Battle 1.0 Lemkenhafen
- 2nd SUP Cup Oldenburg
- 33th PWA Podersdorf

2012 - 33th EFPT Overallranking
- 44th PWA Freestyle Overallranking
- 33th PWA Sylt
- 9th German Freestyle Battle 2.0 Großenbrode
- 16th EFPT Sigri
- 10th Deutsche SUP Meisterschaft Long Distance
- 9th Deutsche SUP Meisterschaft Fun-Class
- 1st Sparda SUP-Cup Oldenburg
- 9th German Freestyle Battle 1.0 Saal
- 4th Hamburger SUP Meisterschaft Long Distance
- 3rd Hamburger SUP Meisterschaft Sprint
2011 - 1st PWA event entered Sylt Freestyle
- 11. Freestyle DM
- 6th IFCA Junior Freestyle WM Brouwersdam
- 7th German Freestyle Battle 2.0 Fehmarn
- 3rd SUP Challenge Surffestival Pelzerhaken
- 5th German Freestyle Battle 1.0 Norderney
- Windsurf Talent of the year
- Junior European Freestyle Champion
- 4th EFPKT France
- 2nd EFPKT Alacati
- 9th German Freestyle Battle 3.0
- 12th SUP Worldcup, Long Distance AM
- 11th SUP Worldcup, Sprint Distance Men AM
- 3rd Young Gun Camp
- 3rd efpKt Fehmarn Overall
- 1st efpKt Holland, SUP Race
- Top40 Exilim Fotocontest
- 2nd Young Gun Camp, Prasonisi/Rhodos
- 21th Long-Distance Jever SUP World Cup
- 3rd Pro Kid Freestyle Trophy
- 1st Rosenfelder Freestyle Contest
- 2nd Rosenfelder Slalom