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German Freestyle Battles Rügen 2017

This was definitely the highest level of a German Freestyle Battles in the history! Crazy...

On the first day of the GFB in Suhrendorf on Rügen we started the Single Elimination in the evening, because the rain took the wind away and we had to wait the whole day. I could managed to surf some solid heats before I lost against young Niclas Nebelung with only few points difference.

On the second day we started the Double Elimination and I was able to surf the highest scores of the fleet before I advanced into the round of place 4 against Adi Beholz. Unfortunately I lost with three points difference and finished the event with a 5th place overall.

Thanks to this great Ostseecamping Suhrendorf for having us. 


In two weeks I have the next event already - DWC Kühlungsborn where I'll compete in the Slalom division again. 

Thanks for the pics Tom Köhn.

Winch Windsurfing Worldchampion

I made it! 

Winch Windsurfing Worldchampion 2017!

More news coming up soon, but first I have to go straight to next Event: German Freestyle Battles Rügen!

Here are some informations:


Thanks for the pics Tom Köhn & Oliver Reischke

DWC Grömitz 2017

My first official slalom competition ever! 

So I was quite nervous about my participation at the DWC (Deutscher Windsurf Cup) in Grömitz/Baltic Sea.

On the first day we had strong wind up to 30knots. I was out with my 7.8m sail and 109l board. 

In my first heat I had a great start on point and finished straight on 3rd place. The best 4 sailors out of 8 advance into the next round, like a K.O. system. 

Unfortunately in my second heat the wind direction was changing on the whole course and I lost my 4th place, so I came into the "loosersfinal" and made it on 22nd place in the first Elimination. 

The wind was picking up and I was totally overpowered with my 7.8m sail, this is why I lost my first heat in the second Elimination and came into the loosersfinal of round1, where I could managed to became 3rd in the Heat and made it on 33rd overallplace. 

On the second day the wind was not enough to start a third Elimination.

So I became 29th Overallplace in the Slalom division in Grömitz!

Was a cool weekend and I hope I can participate in the next Slalom competition beginning of July again.

But first, back to FREESTYLE!!! :) 

thanks for the pics by DWC & Dennis Müller