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JW in Norther Germany

My foot injury kicked me back, but it was time for a new project together with my buddy Julian Wiemar. He was visiting the North and I supported him to get the best media stuff out of it. We filmed on 7 different spots in 5 days, in the end we had 2.000km on my Benz mileage. 

Thanks to Starboard, Severne Sails & Maui Ultra Fins for supporting this kind of video project.

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Yalla Habibi - Egypt Adventure 2015

Our video "Yalla Habibi" just uploaded on my Youtube Channel

Be sure to check out the lifestyle and windsurf action during our trip through Hurghada and Soma Bay last March/April 2015!

Thanks Treehouse for the movie & Phil Schreyer for all the nice photos.

Check the whole story on DailyDose.de

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German Freestyle Battles Fehmarn

Can't compete with my broken foot, but it's nice to judge the German Freestyle Battles with this cool Crew! Congrats Tilo Eber 1st, Mathias Genkel 2nd, Andi Lachauer 3rd, Julian Wiemar 4th!

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