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On the way...

I want to share my adventures with you with some small clips!

Yesterday night I arrived in Malaga/Spain for the upcoming GunSails Photoshooting 2016. Had some troubles with the rental car station and with my hotel. But at the end I made it to windy Tarifa. In the afternoon I scored a nice session with 4.4 in Punta Paloma together with my friend María Andrés Windsurfing from Spain. The forecast looks great for the next days, so we will keep our way to the best spots around Tarifa. Looking forward ;)

Part 1

Part 3

Part 5

Part 7

Part 9

Part 2

Part 4

Part 6

Part 8


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German Freestyle Battles 3.0 Lemkenhafen

I'm super happy to get 3rd in the German Freestyle Battles Lemkenhafen last weekend. 

It was my first GFB of the year because of my foot injury during the last months. The performance level in Germany is getting better and better from year to year! 

I was super happy that I won against my trainingsbuddy Mathias Genkel (current no.1 in Germany) in the Double Elimination and therefore stepped up on the podium. 

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My next stop is Tarifa! Next week I will fly to the Gun Sails Photoshooting 2016. Looking forward to some exciting weeks down there. 

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New projects

Since I've been back from Fuerteventura I managed to get some new projects to work with.

After my successful video about my friend Julian Wiemar, which also awarded by continentseven as "one of the best freestyle clips in July 2015" I decided to produce a new bigger film "Screeny" about some of the best freestyle windsurfers in Northern Germany. We already had some nice shooting days at the Northsea and Baltic Sea. The video will release end of this year. Featuring Jeremy Plüss, Adi Beholz, Mathias Genkel and more...

The upcoming weeks I will train and shoot for the video in Germany before heading to the 2016 Gun Sails photoshooting. I will not participate at the last PWA Worldcup on Sylt, better to concentrate for the season next year. Maybe I'll compete at the EFPT in Holland beginning of October. 

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