German Freestyle Battle 1.0

GFB 1.0 - Norderney!

The first German Freestlye Battle is over!

23 Riders from Germany came to Norderney Island to battle who the Freestyle Battle Champion from the first event.

Best Flatwater conditions, perfect wind for 4.2-4.7, shity weather, a successful weekend for me.

In the first Heat I compete vs. Burkhard Hauer and Tobi Schwarz from the Team Boddenstyle. I advanced and must ride vs. Jannes Thomsen, in this Heat I landed a nice Shaka, ss Kono, Air Funnel and some more good tricks. I advanced and came in the next round vs. Felix Söder. I landed not much moves, so I loosed and was out of the Comepetition. But it was the quarterfinal, so I joined the 5th place in the Single Elimination :) Winner of the Single: Mathias Genkel.

On Sunday we started a supersession, but it was very choppy conditions and hard to make moves. Tom Schmidt win the supersession with a Air CanaBrava.


The Stand-by time for the next GFB start on Friday ;) I'm ready for the next competition.


Pics by c.r. pictures!

The GFB 1.0 Movie is online!

More pictures you will find on the GFB Facebook Fanpage or HERE ;)

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