2015 Review

I think this photo describe my year. It was actually not the best I was hoping for...


EGYPT* Beginning of the year I had an incredible time in Soma Bay! We made a nice story and video of my adventure through the spots around Hurghada. But I injured myself during a trainingsession in the Bay and broke a bone of my foot. The story began... https://youtu.be/OSH06GCjlVc


PHYSIOTHERAPY* The whole year I had great support by Katha, my Physio of the Olympiastützpunkt Hamburg. She was pushing my foot to the limit and gave me the best backup to get fit again.


GFB* I'm super happy that I could organised three tourstops of the German Freestyle Battles, unfortunately I only compete at one. 3rd place in Lemkenhafen! Hope to continue this in 2016! 


JW* Managed to made some nice films during the year. JulianWiemar in Northern Germany was one of these https://vimeo.com/132140161


FUERTE* My foot was not 100% fit, but I was competing the PWA Fuerteventura. Won some heats but the Judges kicked me back on a bad place. But I had a great time in the Robinson Club anyway;)


SCREENY* Back in Germany we had some amazing windy weeks and we filmed a lot for a new movie together with Mathias Genkel, Jeremy Plüss, Loick Spicher, Adi Beholz, and more. Unfortunately the movie didn't made it to Youtube yet. We finished it...maybe Jibi will publish it soon!?;) 


TARIFA* Yes, this year not Maui;) The 2016 Gun Sails photoshooting took place in Spain. Sadly we only had 4 out of 15 days wind, but we made the best of it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIIegCDhYOQ


BRAZIL* Some weeks later Jeremy and me made it to Brazil for wintertraining. After two weeks in Camocim, some crazy Jericoacoara "Caipi-nights" I injured myself again. This time my healed foot cracked again, but also two more bones! WTF, more than six months break! Physio again...


PFN* I don't know why I started all this kind of video stuff. But I'm motivated to create something special with pictures. It's a real passion and I want to focus it in the future! 
During my past weeks in Brasil, with an injured foot I create "PASSION FOR NATURE", a 4K film about the beauty of Brasil and some of the best Windsurfers in the world. Already awarded as one of the best Winsurfmovies in 2015:) Thanks!


WORK* Now I started to fully concentrated on my self-employment projects. From Marketing/PR stuff till Media Productions - let's try and live the passions behind the water until my foot is back in game! 

I wish you a healthy new year 2016! 
All the best,


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