Hello Capetown

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Another Capetown Vlog

It was such an amazing time in Capetown. Here are some more impressions through our latest trips around Capetown and Table View.

Now we are on the way back to Europe. 

CT seeyou soon again!

Pittbruus on Tour

We travelled through south africa and surfed some big waves together with the Pittbruus, Balz Müller, Jack Müller, Julian Wiemar and Meikel Thies.

Check the impressions in my current vlog... 

#3 Freestyle Days Capetown

Some cloudy hours in Capetown took us to the Brandvlei lake. Back in CT the other two lakes were on fire.

It's a small action clip... ;)

#2 Lions Head Capetown

Part 2 of my impression vlogs in Capetown!

We hiked the Lion's Head and had a great sunset...

Check the video...


#1 Hello Capetown

Arrived in Capetown and prepared for the upcoming four weeks of video productions. 

Stay tuned for more clips & news!

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